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Welcome aboard! QBCore is an ever-expanding framework for Grand Theft Auto V utilizing the FiveM platform. It offers extensive customization, ease of use, ongoing maintenance and active support!

Windows Installation

Installing a QBCore server step by step.

Database Configuration
XAMPP is optional here, you can install MariaDB by itself! Just remember to configure your ports!
Install XAMPP and HeidiSQL.
Start XAMPP and start the first two boxes, “Apache” and “MySQL”
Marking the checkbox will install the corresponding service on your machine
If you want to auto start HeidiSQL and XAMPP when Windows starts. Launch XAMPP in administrator, Click the config box on the top right of the window. You should see a section called “Autostart of modules”. In that section, toggle Apache and MySQL, then click save the config on the bottom right. Thats all you have to do!
    Open HeidiSQL, click the green circle with the plus sign and name it something
The names don’t matter, you can name them whatever you want!
Press new to create a session
Rename this to whatever you’d like and press open
Artifact and txAdmin
Make a new folder on your desktop and name it whatever you want, download the latest recommended FiveM artifacts, then extract them to the folder you made
The webpage for downloading an artifact version
Double click on FXServer.exe to run it. Once loaded, it should open a web browser page
txAdmin is already bundled in with the FiveM artifacts so running the server starter will launch it
After you link your FiveM account, which it should do automatically, make a password. Then you will be greeted with steps
txAdmin starting page after logging in
When you get to step number 3, click “Popular Template” then “QBCore Framework”
Choosing a deployment type
Selecting QBCore from the templates
Select a folder you would like to store your server data in.
It is suggested to use the path txAdmin suggests
Scroll to the bottom and run the recipe deployer
Click on next
Go to keymaster and generate a key. Fill out that information correctly.
Keymaster keys only require the IP address the first time it launches after that the generated key can be used on any IP.
Paste your Keymaster key where prompted.
Entering your CFX key
Then click “Run Recipe”
After you let the recipe install you will be greeted with a screen like this.
If you did not get the above message and got an error message, please use the official QBCore Discord and post in fivem-support
Let yarn install all the way through on the initial startup.
Once this is complete, we recommend visiting Setting Permissions to configure your server.cfg with any players you’d like to give elevated permissions!

Qbcore Server Commands

A list of all the commands and their respective resource


/admin opens the admin menu
/blips – toggles player blips
/names – toggles player names
/coords – shows your current coords
/maxmods – sets vehicle to max mods
/noclip – toggles noclip
/admincar – adds current vehicle to garage
/announce [message] – creates an announcement
/report [message] – create a report to staff
/reportr [message] – replies to a user report
/reporttoggle – opt in/out of receiving player reports
/staffchat [message] – sends a staff-only message
/warn [id] [reason] – warn a player
/checkwarns [id] [opt: number] – view a warning for a given player
/delwarn [id] [number] – deletes a warning from a player
/givenuifocus [id] [hasFocus] [hasCursor] – Sets nuifocus state for player
/setmodel [model] [id] – changes the players ped model
/setspeed [opt: speed] – sets players foot speed
/kickall – kick all players from server
/setammo [amount] [opt: weapon] – set weapon ammo
/vector2 – Copies vector2 to clipboard
/vector3 – Copies vector3 to clipboard
/vector4 – Copies vector4 to clipboard
/heading – Copies heading


/tp [id / x] [opt: y] [opt: z]- teleport to player or location
/tpm – teleport to a marked location
/togglepvp – toggle PVP on server
/addpermission [id] [permission] – gives a player a permission
/removepermission [id] [permission] – removes a player permission
/openserver – open the server for everyone
/closeserver [reason] – close the server for people without permission
/car [model] – spawns a vehicle
/dv – delete vehicle
/givemoney [id] [type] [amount] – give money to a player
/setmoney [id] [type] [amount] – set the amount of money a player has
/job – display your current job
/setjob [id] [job] [grade] – sets a players job
/gang – display your current gang
/setgang [id] [gang] [grade] – sets a players gan
/clearinv [opt: id]- clears a players inventory
/ooc [message] – ooc chat command
/me [message] – shows a message above your head


/911e [message] – sends a message to EMS
/status – check the status of the nearest player
/heal – heals the nearest player
/revivep – revives the nearest player
/revive – revive yourself
/setpain [opt: id] – sets the pain level to the player
/kill [opt: id] – kills the player
/aheal [opt: id] – heals a player


/911p [message] – sends an alert to the police
/spikestrip – Place a spike strip
/grantlicense [id] [license] – give a player a license
/revokelicense [id] [license] – remove a player’s license
/pobject [type] – allows officer to spawn an object
/cuff – cuff the nearest player
/sc – soft cuff the nearest player
/escort – escort the nearest player
/callsign [name] – allows officer to set a callsign
/jail – sends nearest player to jail
/unjail [id] – unjail a player
/clearcasings – clears bullet casings in the area
/clearblood – clears blood drops in the area
/seizecash – seize cash from the nearest player
/cam [id] – allows officer to see cam footage from selected spots
/flagplate [plate] [reason] – allows speed cameras to find a plate flagged
/unflagplate [plate] – removes the flag from the plate
/plateinfo [plate] – shows the info of the plate
/depot [price] – allows officer to impound vehicle for a price
/impound – impounds a vehicle without a price
/paytow [id] – pays the tow driver $500
/paylawyer [id] – pays a lawyer $500
/anklet – adds a tracking device to the closest player
/ankletlocation [cid] – shows the location of the player
/takedrivinglicense – takes the players drivers license
/takedna [id] – takes the players dna


/givecash – gives the player an amount of cash


/drivinglicense – give player a license after a driving test


/binds – allows you to set customs key binds


/divingsuit – uses the diving suit


/newdoor – opens UI for creating new door
/doordebug – debug for doorlocks


/newdealer – creats a new dealer at a location (front door of house)
/deletedealer – deales a saved dealer
/dealers – show list if info on dealers
/dealergoto – teleport to dealer


/cleargarbroutes – removes garbo routes for user


/removestand – removes a hotdog stand


/decorate – opens decorate menu/options
/createhouse – creates a house at location
/addgarage – adds garage at location
/ring – rings a doorbell at location


/cash – displays current cash amount
/bank – displays current bank amount
/dev – displays a dev icon


/resetinv – resets inventory on stash/trunk/glovebox
/rob – robs closest player
/giveitem – gives item to a player
/randomitems – gives random items to a player


/cancelrace – cancel the current race
/togglesetup – turn on or off race setup


/setvehiclestatus – sets the vehicles status

/setmechanic – give someone the mechanic job
/firemechanic – fire a mechanic


/logout – logout of current character
/closeNUI – closes the multicharacter NUI


/newscam – gives player a a news camra
/newsmic – gives player a news microphone
/newsbmic – gives player a boom microphone


/setmetadata – sets the players metadata
/bill – sends a bill* /invoice to player


/getintrunk – Gets in the trunk
/putintrunk – puts a player in the trunk (kidnap)


/resetarmor – resets the armor
/resetparachute – resets a parachute
/testwebhook – test to see if webhook for logs is working
/id – displays your id


/createrace – starts a street race
/stoprace – stops current street race
/quitrace – quits the current street race
/startrace – starts the current street race


/npc – Toggles a tow job from a npc
/tow – puts closes vehicle on flatbed (must be behind truck)


/multikeys – gives keys to another player


/fix – fixes current vehicle


/engine – toggles engine on/off
/givekeys – gives keys to a player
/addkeys – adds keys to that player
/removekeys – removes keys from player


/transferVehicle – gift or sell your vehicle to someone


/repairweapon – repairs a weapon
QBCore server can provide a foundation for a customized gameplay experience. With QBCore, server owners and developers can create custom game modes and gameplay experiences more easily and efficiently, while also improving the stability and performance of their servers.,
Mila Kunit

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