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Fivem City Hall


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The Fivem City Hall module for QB-Core is a comprehensive addition, offering essential city services, government job applications, and convenient document requests. It also includes multiple City Hall and driving school locations, with optional integrations available for enhanced functionality.

Fivem City Hall | City Services for QB-Core Framework.

The Fivem City Hall is a comprehensive addition to the QB-Core framework, providing many essential city services. Its robust features offer a convenient and immersive experience for players in the virtual world. The focal point of this system is the City Hall, which serves as the central hub for various administrative tasks. Players can visit the City Hall to request important documents, such as a birth certificate, in case it has been misplaced. Additionally, suppose players have completed their driving lessons with an authorized instructor. In that case, they can apply for a driver’s license at the City Hall. Moreover, those to whom the police have granted a weapon license can conveniently request it at the City Hall.

The Fivem City Hall module goes beyond document requests and licensing services. It introduces an engaging aspect of gameplay by allowing players to apply for government jobs, adding depth and variety to their virtual lives. This integration encourages players to explore new career opportunities within the virtual city. Multiple City Hall locations can be added to enhance realism, providing accessibility and convenience to players across different areas of the game world.

Driving enthusiasts will find the Fivem City Hall particularly exciting, as it offers the option to add multiple driving school locations. Players can enroll in driving lessons, honing their skills while adhering to traffic rules and regulations. This integration promotes a safe and realistic driving experience within the game.

Optional integrations such as qb-target integration, PolyZone, and qb-core DrawText are available to enhance the overall functionality and aesthetics. These integrations add depth to the gameplay and contribute to the immersive atmosphere of the Fivem City Hall system.


  • Ability to request birth certificate when lost
  • Ability to request driver license when granted by a driving instructor
  • Ability to request weapon license when granted it by the police
  • Ability to apply to government jobs
  • Ability to add multiple cityhall locations
  • Ability to add nultiple driving school locations
  • Ability to take driving lessons
  • qb-target integration, this is optional
  • PolyZone and qb-core DrawText integration, this is optional

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Fivem City Hall