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Fivem Clothes Menu V2

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The Clothing Menu V2 script for QBcore in Fivem revolutionizes outfit customization with configurable options, camera angles, and convenient features like saveable outfits and accessories commands. Enhance your character’s style and express your unique fashion sense in the virtual world.

Fivem Clothes | Clothing Menu V2 Script For QBcore

The Clothing Menu V2 script for QBcore in Fivem introduces many features centred around Fivem Clothes. With its configurable ped selection, users can customize their character’s appearance by fine-tuning details like the nose, chin, jaw, and cheeks. The script offers a seamless experience with camera rotating functionality and three different camera angles to ensure a comprehensive view of the outfit.

Fivem Clothes enthusiasts will find convenience in the inclusion of clothing stores, barbershops, and job locker rooms. These locations serve as hubs for players to access various options and enhance their character’s style. The job locker rooms also offer configurable outfit presets, enabling quick changes based on the requirements of different in-game professions.

To simplify outfit management, the script allows players to save their favourite combinations as outfits, eliminating the need for repeated customization. Additionally, specific commands such as /hat, /glasses, and /mask provide easy access to accessories that can further enhance the character’s overall appearance.

In summary, the Fivem Clothes Clothing Menu V2 script for QBcore revolutionizes the customization aspect of the game. Players can delve into a detailed character creation process, explore different camera perspectives, access clothing stores, barbershops, and job locker rooms, and effortlessly manage their outfits with the added convenience of saving presets. With these features, Fivem Clothes enthusiasts can truly express their unique style and immerse themselves in the virtual world.


  • Configurable Ped Selection
  • Detailed nose, chin, jaw, cheek, etc. configuration
  • Camera Rotating
  • 3 Different Camera Angles
  • Clothing Stores
  • Barbers
  • Job Locker Rooms (Configurable Outfit Presets)
  • Saveable Outfits
  • /hat, /glasses, /mask (See the commands section below)

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Fivem Clothes Menu V2
Original price was: $13.00.Current price is: $10.20.