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Fivem Multicharacter Standalone


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Fivem Multicharacter Standalone is an advanced ESX and QBCORE script that offers seamless multicharacter functionality for your FiveM server. It supports customization, character deletion, spawn selection, and more. For assistance, visit FIVEM SCRIPT.

Fivem Multicharacter Standalone | Advance Multicharacter ESX and QBCORE Script

Fivem Multicharacter Standalone is an advanced script to enhance your ESX or QBCORE server experience. With its extensive features and flexible compatibility, this script offers a seamless and efficient multicharacter system for your FiveM server.

One of the standout features of this script is its support for both ESX and QBCORE frameworks, allowing you to choose the framework that best suits your server’s needs. It utilizes the ESX Legacy Standard Multicharacter Logic, employing the (char) prefix for smooth character management.

Upon launching, the script creates an engaging environment with introductory cameras and background music, setting the tone for an immersive player experience. It offers character deletion functionality, enabling players to manage their characters effortlessly.

Customization is a key aspect of this script, as it supports displaying your logo and adding a personal touch to your server. The built-in character registration system simplifies the process for players, ensuring a seamless start to their journey.

The script also includes a spawn selector, allowing players to choose their preferred spawn location from various options. It seamlessly integrates with the latest skin-changer and appearance modification plugins like five appearances or qb-clothing, enabling players to personalize their characters.

For convenience, the script supports the /relog command, allowing players to log out and switch between characters easily. Additionally, you can adjust the number of character slots according to your server’s needs through the configuration or command settings.

To enhance the gameplay experience, the script provides starter items to give players a head start. Furthermore, the player states are prominently displayed on the user interface, ensuring important information is readily available.


  • Support ESX and QBCORE
  • ESX Legacy Standard Multicharacter Logic using (char) as prefix
  • Intro Cameras and BG music
  • Character Deletion
  • Support Showing Your custom Logo
  • Builtin Character Registration
  • Supports Spawn Selector (by default this uses my renzu_spawn as a Selector)
  • Supports Latest skinchanger & fivemappearance or qb-clothing
  • Supports /relog command (logout)
  • Supports Updating Slots number via config or commands. there is no maximum number but 10-20 is good.
  • Support Starter items
  • Player States on UI
Need Help?

These instructions should have addressed your confusion regarding the Fivem Multicharacter Standalone; however, if this still needs to be done, please use the bottom menu (or the contact) for a more thorough explanation. For any items related to this script, visit FIVEM SCRIPT.


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Fivem Multicharacter Standalone