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Qb-door Lock

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Qb-door Lock | doorlock Script for Fivem

The Qb-Door Lock enhances FiveM doors with customizable settings and improved security. It ensures players a smooth and immersive experience by providing precise control over door behavior and access.

With the Qb-Door Lock, administrators can assign unique Door Names to each door, facilitating easy identification and efficient management. Access can only be granted with the correct input, as doors can be secured with a Passcode or phrase. This advanced security measure adds an extra layer of control and protection.

The Autolock Interval and Interact Distance settings enhance security and immersion.

The Qb-Door Lock allows administrators to control the movement speed of different types of doors. This ensures consistent and realistic door animations, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. Doors can default to locked, adding an extra layer of security to specific areas.

For double doors, the Double feature allows both doors to be controlled simultaneously, ensuring synchronized movement and convenience. The Automatic feature proves particularly useful for sliding, garage, and automatic doors, automating the process of opening and closing.

Security is a top priority with the Qb-Door Lock. The Lockpick feature adds challenge and skill, while Hide UI creates an immersive environment by removing visual indicators.

The Qb-Door Lock integrates with character and group systems, enabling access level control. Only authorized individuals, such as specific jobs or gangs, can unlock certain doors.


  • Used to easily identify the door.
  • The door can be unlocked by anybody by using the code or phrase.
  • The door will be locked after x seconds.
  • The door can only be used when within x meters.
  • Door movement speed for sliding/garage/automatic doors or swinging doors when locked.
  • Sets the door as locked by default.
  • A door is a set of two doors controlled together.
  • Sliding/garage/automatic door.
  • The door can be lockpicked when interacting with a targeting resource.
  • No indicators (i.e., icon, text) will display on the door.
  • Character Id
  • Character identifier used by a framework (i.e., player. charged, player, identifier, Player.CitizenId).
  • Group
  • A framework is dependent, referring to jobs, gangs, etc.
  • The minimum grade to allow access for the group (0 to allow all).
  • Name of the item.
  • Requires metadata support (i.e., ox_inventory) to check slot.metadata.type
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Qb-door Lock
Original price was: $21.99.Current price is: $13.99.