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Qbcore Hud is an advanced tool designed to enhance your user interface in FiveM. With customizable icon shapes, sizes, positions, and colors, the Hud provides complete control and personalization. Its flexibility extends to individual icon settings, allowing for unique behavior and interaction patterns. With endless options for icon positioning and orientation, the Hud offers a tailored layout that suits your workflow. Additional features like transparency, themes, and animations further enhance the interface. Qbcore Hud is the perfect choice for a truly customized interface experience. Need help? Contact us for further assistance with this powerful FiveM script.

Qbcore Hud | Advance QB Hud for Fivem

The Qbcore Hud is a powerful tool that offers a range of features for enhancing your user interface. Moreover, with the Hud, you can enjoy custom icon shapes, choosing from various unique designs or creating your own. Additionally, the Hud provides complete control over icons’ size, position, and color, enabling effortless customization. This level of customization ensures that the Hud can be tailored to your specific preferences and style.

Furthermore, one of the key strengths of the Qbcore Hud is its ability to customize settings for individual icons. Consequently, you can fine-tune the behaviour and functionality of each icon according to your requirements. As a result, the Hud allows for personalized customization, enabling the assignment of different actions to icons and the creation of unique interaction patterns. This flexibility ensures that the Hud is visually appealing, highly functional, and adaptable to your needs.

Moreover, the Qbcore Hud offers endless options regarding icon position and orientation. You can place icons anywhere on the screen, optimizing their position for convenience. In addition, the Hud provides comprehensive support for different orientation settings, including vertical, horizontal, and more intricate patterns. Consequently, the incredible flexibility empowers you to design a personalized layout that seamlessly matches your workflow and elevates your user experience.

In addition, the Qbcore Hud goes beyond standard customization options, providing a wealth of features to enhance your interface. From adjusting icon transparency to choosing different themes or incorporating animations, the Hud offers many possibilities for creating a unique and immersive user experience. These additional customization features position the Hud as a top choice for those seeking a truly personalized interface.

Features :

  • Custom icon shapes
  • Alter icon size, position and colour
  • Customize settings for individual icons
  • Endless options for icon position and orientation
  • many more customize
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