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Fivem Zombie Script


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The Fivem Zombie Script is an immersive addition to Qbcore, introducing hordes of undead, intense encounters, and valuable loot. Players must strategize and adapt to survive as zombies track them. Safe zones offer respite, while loot objects reward exploration. Experience the thrill of this survival horror script.

Fivem Zombie Script | Zombie Script For Qbcore

Introducing the Fivem Zombie Script, a thrilling addition to the Qbcore framework that unleashes hordes of the undead upon your virtual world. This immersive script transforms the gameplay experience, adding intense encounters and heart-pounding moments to your Fivem server.

With this script, your players will face the relentless hordes of zombies, bringing chaos and fear to every corner. The Fivem Zombie Script enhances realism by allowing players to scavenge valuable loot from defeated zombies, including weapons, items, and even currency. The loot probability system adds an element of surprise, ensuring every encounter with the undead presents unique rewards.

These menacing zombies are no mindless creatures; they can track and follow the closest player, creating a constant sense of danger and urgency. Players must stay vigilant, strategizing and adapting their tactics to survive the relentless pursuit.

To enhance the overall challenge, the script introduces hordes of zombies that can swarm players, testing their skills and teamwork. The proximity-based zombie attack system ensures that players are always on edge, heightening the suspense and making every encounter a life-or-death situation.

Safe zones offer a reprieve for those seeking respite from the undead menace. These designated areas provide players a moment of respite, allowing them to regroup, rearm, and plan their next move.

The Fivem Zombie Script also introduces loot objects scattered worldwide, providing additional incentives for exploration. Players can stumble upon hidden caches of valuable resources, further enriching the gameplay experience.

With its seamless integration into Qbcore, this Script brings an exhilarating survival horror element to your Fivem server. Immerse your players in a post-apocalyptic world where they must fight for their lives against the relentless hordes. Get ready to experience the thrill and terror of the Fivem Zombie Script—where survival is the ultimate challenge.


  • Loot from zombies (Weapons, items and money)
  • Loot probability
  • Follow the closest player
  • Hordes
  • Zombie attack proximity
  • Safe Zones
  • Loot Objects
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