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QBCore Bicycle Rental


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Experience seamless virtual bicycle rentals with QBCore Bicycle Rental, a feature-rich script designed for QBCores Servers. Customize bike models, costs, and rental locations while previewing selected bikes before embarking on your virtual cycling adventure. Elevate your gameplay with this revolutionary script.

QBCore Bicycle Rental | Bicycle Rental Script For Fivem

Introducing QBCore Bicycle Rental, a cutting-edge script designed specifically for QBCores Servers, the popular gaming framework. This feature-rich script enables seamless bicycle rental experiences within the virtual world, providing players with an immersive and dynamic gameplay element.

This Script offers many incredible features that elevate the realism and enjoyment of virtual cycling adventures. With the ability to toggle between manual interaction and automatic menu pop-up, players can choose their preferred mode of engagement with the bike rental displays. Whether you crave a hands-on approach or prefer streamlined convenience, this script caters to your playstyle.

Customizability is at the core of QBCore Bicycle Rental. Users can effortlessly configure various bike models available for rent and determine their costs. This ensures diverse options to suit every player’s preferences and in-game budget. Additionally, the script allows for easy configuration of bike rental locations, enhancing immersion by mirroring real-world rental services.

One standout feature of This script is its ability to display selected bikes before finalizing the rental. This allows players to visually assess their chosen bike, inspect its attributes, and ensure it meets their requirements before embarking on their virtual cycling journey.

In conclusion, This script is an indispensable script for QBCore enthusiasts seeking a realistic and interactive bicycle rental experience within their virtual gaming world. This script revolutionizes virtual cycling adventures with its seamless integration, extensive customizability, and convenient features like bike model configuration, location settings, and bike previews. Elevate your gameplay to new heights with This script


  • Toggle between manual interaction with the bike rental displays and automatic menu pop up when approaching a bike rental display
  • Configure bike models for rent and their costs
  • Configure bike rental locations
  • Display selected bikes before renting
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