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QBcore Zombie

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QBcore Zombie is an immersive script for the QBcore gaming platform, adding thrilling zombie elements. With advanced AI, dynamic spawns, unique animations, and zombie loot, players can experience a challenging and adrenaline-filled world. Survive in safe zones, fight hordes, and enjoy an unforgettable gaming adventure.

QBcore Zombie | Zombie Script For Qbcore

“QBcore Zombie” is a zombie-themed script designed for use with the  framework, a gaming platform. This script adds exciting and thrilling elements of the undead into the gameplay experience. Developed as a conversion from ESX, a popular framework used in the FiveM modification for Grand Theft Auto V, QBcore Zombie offers players a unique and immersive zombie-infested world to explore.

With QBcore , players can expect a range of features and mechanics tailored to the zombie genre. The script likely incorporates advanced artificial intelligence for zombie behavior, allowing for realistic and challenging encounters. The zombies may spawn dynamically throughout the game world, creating an ever-present sense of danger. The script could also include health systems that track player and zombie health, adding a layer of strategic gameplay.

Animations specific to zombies, such as distinctive movements and attacks, are likely included in the QBcore Zombie script. These animations contribute to the immersive atmosphere and enhance the overall gaming experience. Additionally, the script may introduce unique weapons and tools designed to combat the zombie threat, providing players with a variety of options to survive and fight back.

While the specific features and functionalities of this may vary depending on the implementation by developers, the primary goal is to immerse players in a thrilling, zombie-infested world. This script serves as an exciting addition to the QBcore framework, enhancing the gameplay possibilities and providing players with an unforgettable and adrenaline-filled adventure.

Whether players choose to navigate through existing cities, survive in secluded areas, or embark on thrilling missions against hordes of undead,the promises an intense and memorable gaming experience for fans of this genre within the QBcore gaming platform.


  •  Loot from zombies (Weapons, items and money)
  • Loot chances
  • Follow the closest player
  • Hordes
  • Zombie attack presence
  • Safe Zones
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QBcore Zombie
Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $8.00.